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From: Thomas Klauber <tklauber@...>
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 20:57:36 -0400

I put the Rogue in the water last week and ran down toward Georgetown SC for about an hour and turned around and came back to Bucksport Marina and noodled around between Bucksport and Conway SC. The boat ran perfect - the wiring didn't miss a beat - this just shows that an amateur can do his own work if enough time and energy ( and yes a little money ) is put into the project. I am now working on a new top which will be a prototype along the lines of the original vinyl top which I still have but has hopelessly shrunk and dry rotted. I am using my brother's sewing machine which he bought to do the sails for his sailboat. I am using sunbrella. I hope to make another in several years to use on a permanent basis if I can do a good enough job on this one. If it all blows up tomorrow it will have been worth it! I have been wondering about how I am going to redo the rub rail. Any body out there know who manufactured the alum. rail and insert? I have tried a search on line with little success. I see Chris Craft used the same rail with their trihull of the early 70's and they probably got it left over from OMC. See the picture on this sight of the Chris Craft Gull Wing. I just put a bid on some trailer hubs on ebay cause no-one else did and I hate to see them go. Hopefully someone will need them worse than I. No rims or tires - just bare hubs with brake discs. I may put them up for grabs later on this site if I get them. Hope everyone is well and getting set for the summer. Tom K.

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