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From: Ian Torrey <itorrey@...>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 14:38:33 -0500

Funny... I did the house addition last year. No sooner had we completed the
new garage than I filled it with truck parts. :) The boat was supposed to
come first though...

Thanks for the info. We're probably going to end up with an '05 Odyssey.
Rated to tow 3500 lbs, but the price of the "towing package" with
transmission and power steering cooler is pretty steep, so I'm trying to
justify it to myself. I'll probably go for it, so that we can tow a large
tent trailer in the future - we'll probably have this van for 10+ years
(just to pay it off, I think).

Phil, I've been looking for any hull identification plates, and can't seem
to find them. I'm suspecting they were pulled off at some point, as the boat
has been painted. On that note... the blue paint job is starting to peel, to
reveal a more blue-grey color beneath. Has anyone found a way of safely
stripping old paint without damaging the finish/fiberglass beneath?


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Ian, it sounds like we're in the same situation, except my ongoing project
has been a house addition. I'm finally seeing the end of the tunnel with
it and should be able to start the restoration of my Johnson (same as Sweet
16) with 90hp outboard next winter. With some luck and hard work I might
have enough time left this year to be able to strip the boat and put it in
my garage and rebuild the floor over the winter.

I built a custom trailer for my boat a couple of years ago. The boat
apparently should weigh about 900 to 1000 lbs and the motor about 250 - 300
lbs. My trailer is about 500 lbs. That makes a towing weight of 1800 lbs
or so, without equipment or gear carried in the boat. My '92 Dodge Grand
Caravan with 3.3L V6 pulled everything with ease. Any modern, well-powered
mini van should be able to easily handle upwards of 2200 lbs as long as it
has a type 2 tow hitch.

BTW . . . Phil - I've been meaning to send a message regarding the
classification of some of the boats on the website. In particular, my boat
and Scott Horn's are currently located with the Johnson Revellers but our
decks and winshields are quite different from the Reveller. Mine has been
noted as being identified as a Johnson "Deluxe" and I think this is
incorrect. I'd sure like to know what my boat should be really be called!

Also - I found a 17' OMC DeLuxe that was for sale! I took a bunch of
photos and will send them shortly. It just sold last week and I'm hoping
to get the new owner ID'd and get him on the list.

Regards to all,
Greg Van Vliet

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A year has gone by, and I've still not even had an opportunity to find out
if my Sweet 16 that I bought runs, let alone tackle any restoration to her.
It seems I always have one too many projects on the go, or maybe one too
many children under 8 - I'm not sure. But one day I do hope to be able to
take my kids cruising in this beautiful piece of history...

Since tow vehicles is the topic of discussion, I was wondering, does anyone
have approximate weight for a Sweet 16 with a 100hp (circa approx. 1965)
Johnson outboard? I'm in the final strokes of purchasing a new mini van,
want to make sure I equip it properly for all my potential towing needs.

I also want to thank you all for the great information on this site and
list. While I'm pretty much an armchair mechanic on the boat until a
truck restoration gets completed, I've been gathering lots of great
information "planning" the project. The biggest hurdle should be getting my
wife to let me start into something else before I complete a few home reno
projects that have been neglected...

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