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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 18:22:23 EST

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<< My ability to store this stuff will evaporate by mid-summer, so if your
are interested, contact me off-list and we will work something out, first
come-first serve. Simply put, my lust for more power (especially as gas prices are
going up) could be your gain. >>

And - HOW FAST do you want to get a 16' boat going?

Has that boat always been trailered and not left in the water ?

I mention this because boats that stay in the lake all season have issues
with algae build up that greatly affects the top speed of the boat.

I found that cleaning the bottom of my 1969 Seasport 155 could yield an
extra 10 mph top speed..

I would hate for you to go to all this trouble only to find a not so
significant increase
in performance. I think that about 40 mph was about the best top speed I
could get out of my boat with the V-6 engine.

Another thing that may affect top speed - the fact that the stern drive can
be "trimmed" for maximum speed. You might want to consider a more modern
stern drive with trim capability.

You sure must want to go fast very badly to be willing to go to all the
and expense that's ahead for you.

Just my two cents worth here -

Good Luck !

Lee Hazen
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