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From: Paige <windfallfarm@...>
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 12:23:08 -0600

My 1969 Johnson Reveler Buick V6 155hp experienced an overhaul after a serious
breakdown after years of poor service, bad winterization, and abuse. I
experienced the oil/water concoction (greatly resembles brain grey matter) after
blowing the head gasket and what I thought was one freeze plug that got blown.
After the mechanic replaced the exhaust mainfolds and elbows, replaced the
cylinder heads with reconditioned used ones, and one head gasket later, the poor
old boat "shit the bed" the next season after the impeller fried. The impeller
has been replaced with new o rings, key, and seals, new solonoids, thermostat,
blower, and one new (expensive) tilt motor before winterizing last fall without
running it on water. Now I have 3 feet of snow covering it so it should be a
while before she sees water this spring. I will cross my fingers that most of
the expensive replacements are over with. Unfortunately the water pump was
replaced years ago with the automotive equivalent. So far there are no issues
with this but I will be replacing it with the regulatory approved (expensive yet
again) marine water pump. I tow this boat on a Shoreliner trailer with rollers
(would rather it be pads) and she is a beast to haul, moreso to stop without
trailer brakes. I would never be throwing money into a hole in the water but
this boat in particular has a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me
besides being an American relic. I would like to replace the verneer "Johnson
Reveler" nameplate along the transom if anyone comes across one in good
condition. After she is up and running good, I need to address the interior
(original seats and flooring). Run first, look good later. Thanks, Paige

LeeHazen@... wrote:

> I have mentioined this previously I think - I have a l971 Johnson Surfer 19'
> runabout with the 307 Chevy 210 hp engine.
> The oil had water mixed with it and when I drained it, the oil was the
> consistancy
> of molassas.
> I suspect a bad intake manifold gasket as there is an Edelbrock intake
> manifold on the engine rather than the chevy version.
> Has anyone else had this problem before ? The freeze plugs all look fine
> and overall, the boat is in above average condition for its' age. The boat
> started up fine and idled smoothly right after I bought it 2 years ago.
> I've just finished up putting a composite deck board floor in my 20' pontoon
> boat and once it is back in service, I plan to start on the Surfer.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated..
> Lee Hazen, Hendersonville, TN Old Hickory Lake
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