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Somewhere around post-67, I think with the shimmed, 5-bolt sterndrives (topcover cap), OMC switched from a one-piece ball-gear/shaft to a two-piece ball gear and shaft. You can tell if the ball gear is removable from the shaft if it has a removeable plug in the center. Hope this helps, but I think you are looking at an engine pull to properly rebuild that intermediate housing and strop the leaking.

Thanks again for the 69 Evinrude trailer info. I'm mulling over whether I want to invest in the restoration of 69 1-footer w/disc brakes. It's really going take a lot of time and expense to make it anywhere near as road-worthy as my present 1967 Little Dude trailer.

In fact, do I hear any offers for a complete 1969 16-foot Evinrude/Johnson trailer with disc brakes that will fit the following models: 1964 - 65 Sweet or Sport 16, 1966 -70 Sportsman/Reveler, 1969-70 Explorer/FrontRunner? It might also work with the 17' OMC/Johnson hull? At a minimum, it needs tires, and is presently located in Salt Lake City. I can hang onto it for awhile longer, but I may be forced to part it out.

Lee Shuster

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  Wake up ye landlubbers! Been working on the wiring harness and have it 99.9% finished and installed. Will know when I turn on the switch how well I did. Need some advice on the next project. The 69 Rogue V8 has an intermediate housing that has a very sloooow oil leak at the bottom of the bearing retainer. It has been leaking a while. Should I wait later this year and do it after this season or should I try and do it now right before season begins. This involves the seals at the ball gear I think. I replaced the "O" ring to the bearing retainer several weeks ago hoping that was the problem - no luck Next would be the seal in the bearing retainer itself which would involve removing the ball gear from the shaft. Does that gear press off with a press ( I do have the press and tools ) and how hard is that to do - I guess I could read my manuals but don't make me do that yet. Could it be a problem with the retainer itself? Also I am thinking of replacing the inner shaft seal although I do not think it leaks and if I screw it up won't it leak lots of oil into the bilge thru the front of the bellhousing. How hard is it to replace the inner seal - does it come out with a slide hammer and will the new seal go in without jamming. I have replacement seals. I wish I had done this last year when I had the engine out! Any help would be appreciated. Tom K
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