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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 08:36:58 -0700

Some of the tachometers had a jumper on the back to configure them for
various cylinder or PPM combinations.
Check to see if that maybe the problem. In the meantime, you can hookup a
dwell/tach test meter to confirm the actual RPM back at the coil.


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> Good news! I have gotten my original intake manifold with new gaskets
> back on the motor, with a new power valve in my rebuilt carb, and have
> gotten it tuned correctly for idle on the water. Seems to running just as
> good was before (which it ran great) but not leaking gas anymore. When
> tuning the motor I had it tied to the dock, in gear with RPM around 550.
> This is when I discovered that my tach is way off, right now it says that
> at idle I'm at 1100 which is bogus. Any ideas how to correct this? Since
> I seem to have gotten the motor back in order, my attention turns back to
> interior resto, with new "astroturf" from Home Depot, but in dark grey
> instead of green. Also, I plan on buying new back to back seats since it's
> way cheaper than redoing the originals. I'm looking for matching Johnson
> script badges for both sides since I'm missing one of mine on the port
> bow, anybody have a pair? Also, anybody have an original speedometer and
> tach? Thanks!!
> ~Scott
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