[omc-boats] Looking for OMC Distributor Cap/Wires

From: Ian Torrey <itorrey@...>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 15:42:50 -0400

I'm slowly working away at my Sweet 16 project boat, but haven't got past
mechanical yet. Would anyone know where I could get a distributor cap for a
1967 Starflite 100 S outboard (at a reasonable price...)? The centre pin is
broken off in the current cap I have, and I just can't justify the price
they quoted me from the Envinrude book at my local marina.
I have a similar vintage (65/66?) 100hp Johnson that I bought solely for the
cap, but now I think that this engine should be usable, so would like to see
if I could get both running :) Also, can anyone tell me what I need to know
about buying ignition wires? Is there a difference between marine and
automotive, or are there specifications I need on the wire to get an
appropriate substitute?
Any advice appreciated,

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I have a new ball gear for your engine. It had a suggested list price of
$198.25 in 1997 and I will sell it for $98, including postage. We closed our
dealership and still have many parts in stock for these older engines.

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My ball gear on the outdrive it pretty worn, but still works pretty well. I
would like to replace it however. Anyone have a good used gear, as I'm
amazed that mine still works? It's a 1970 high profile OMC outdrive on a V6
Buick. Thanks!
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