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Thanks for the comments. I do hear clicking both ways. I'll go through the step-by-step diagnosis and report my findings. I sure hope it's just dirty contacts.

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<< The honest answer is that I don't know if the tilt doesn't work both ways.
 It's fully down right know. It won't go up. >>

When you push the button for "up" do you hear the up solinoid click?
If you push the button for "down", do you hear the down solinoid click?

If there is no clicking of the solinoids, then a fuse or dirty fuse contacts
be the problem. Remotely possible, a bad switch.

The next thing I'd check would be the plug and socket that the tilt motor is
plugged in to. It could be oxidized. Clean it with contact cleaner.

If the solinoids are clicking, check for voltage at the plug that goes to the
tilt motor. You will get 12vdc in one polarity when "UP' is pushed and a
reversed polarity when "down" is pushed. If you don't get voltage at the
and the solinoids DO click, then suspect the solinoid's contacts. They can
be disassembled and cleaned if you are up to that sort of thing.

Lastly, if you get voltage at the plug but the motor doesn't run, the motor's
worm gear may be jammed. There is a clutch in the lift mechanism and it
should slip when end of travel is reached. That clutch is prone to sticking
and if it won't slip, the worm gear will jam tight with the ring gear. Remove
the side of the clutch to view the worm gear. Try to turn the worm gear to
un-jam the motor.

If the motor is turning, but the worm gear is NOT, then the pin has sheared.

Always "Tap" the "down" switch so the outdrive lowers gently and bottoms out.
If you hold it, and the clutch is not slipping, jamming will result and
shearing of
the pin that engages with the worm gear is possible.

The clutch housing should be kept full of 90w oil, but most tend to leak at
seals. You may have to remove the clutch assy and take it apart and clean it
and oil it to get it working properly again.

Remember, the main job of that clutch is to allow the outdrive to swing UP
when it
hits an obsticle in the water. If it won't slip, something may break !

Let us know what you find - - -

Lee Hazen (Old Hickory Lake, Hendersonville, TN - 1971 Johnson "Surfer"
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