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Does the tilt not work either way? Frequently it is a solenoid/s. Have had the very similar problem on my 1965 Deluxe, except that it won't go down, always seems to go up. Try cleaning the terminals on the solenoid and check for good connections.

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  Good News -------- I replaced the fuel sender in my '69 Sportsman. The fuel
  gauge is now working properly. One question - the new sender has a rod that
  extends to the bottom of the tank. The housing for the new lever can be
  adjusted up and down on the rod. The rod is hollow and comes out of the top
  of the plate that screws onto the tank. It is not capped. I don't
  understand why. I think it's for a vent. Since the tank already has a vent
  from the top of the tank that is plumbed to the transom, I believe I should
  cap this rod to prevent fumes from entering the engine compartment. Am I
  correct in my thinking?

  Bad News ------- on the same day I fixed the fuel gauge, my tilt stopped
  working. It had started to work intermittently over the past month or so.
  Now when I push the button, either up or down, all I hear is clicks. Since
  it is clicking on both down and up, I am thinking the problem is with the
  tilt motor. Anybody have any thoughts?

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