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All the boats where built in Waukgan at the Central Avenue plant. OMC sold the molds to Cris Craft don't know where they went from there.

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  Hi All,

  I would agree that "Hull number" is usually synonymous with the vessel's serial number or VIN number. OMC, Evinrude and Johnson would also have a engine number that was attached to the rear bellhousing area of the power unit.

  I might be wrong but I think if you look closely at your stamped hull number plate it might be WI-23383, where the W (for Waukegan?) is followed by an I (eye, for Illinois?) not a 1 (one). I believe all the OMC boats were built in Waukegan, IL on Lake Michigan. Anyone know of any other factories that built these boats? I wonder if the post-1970 Chris Craft Gull Wing production shifted elsewhere?

  According to the research that Phil and I have done your model 222804-E breaks down as follows:

   1st digit (2) indicates a 16' 2" hull
  2nd digit (2) indicates a 120 hp I/O, (if it were a "3" you'd have a 155 hp)
  3rd digit (2) indicates a top deck configuration, Revelers were all 2's
  4th digit (8) indicates color -- I think all Revelers were Gold/yellow?
  5th-7th positions indicate year built 03-R's were 1966, while 04-E's were 1967

  All of this info is viewable on my webpage of 1962 - 1970 US, OMC, Evinrude and Johnson Boat model numbers at:

  Feel free to check it out against your own boats and provide me any corrections. I'm particularly lacking the original factory names for the color/trim schemes.

  Lee Shuster -- Salt Lake City

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    mike, on my tag it has model #222804E and under it is title lists the id# as W123383.that has to be the hull id#.hope that helps.i live in florida and will be at the MT Dora classic boat show next march.see ya there,babz
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