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Thanks, that's helpful.

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  I'm 100 miles and about five weeks away from my Sweet 16 so I can't take pix, but if you're talking about three snaps centered on the rear bulkhead just in front of the motor, then yes, they're meant to hold the folded top in place. I still have the original top on mine and there is a rectangle made of the same vinyl coated canvas with three corresponding two-way snaps that secures the top. The back of the snaps snap to the bulkhead, the rectangle is gathered around the top and the front snaps snap to the back snaps.

  There is also a row of snaps circling the edges of the bulkhead which are meant to secure the clear vinyl windows that snap to the top. I have the windows too but never use them as they're impossible to fully install from inside the boat and it gets hot as hell inside with them on.

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