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Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 17:12:39 EDT

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> Have you pulled the heads? Cracked head or broken gasket...?
> Do you know for a fact that someone didn't maliciously pour water down the
> carb? Perhaps draining it all out and putting new oil in would lend an idea
> to how fast the water is leaking in. If it is at all..

thanks for the Welcome.

I have not removed the heads or the intake manifold as I wanted to find
before doing so. The engine idles smoothly and evenly. Cranks evenly too, so
I don't think a head is cracked or leaking. Compression pulses sound even.

I don't think this was deliberately done, and I'm almost positive that the
started when that substitute aluminum intake manifold was installed.

I had a very nice 69 Seasport 155 with the v-6 engine. The intake manifold
rusted on the top and exhaust fumes and noise were getting into the
engine compartment. I had a friend remove the manifold so I could take it to
a machine shop another friend owns. He brazed up the hole in the manifold,
and my first friend put the manifold back on the boat. The engine started
on water from that moment on. So, the gasket, if there is one, must have
been damaged or the manifold was damaged during the brazing process. I
never did get that problem solved and regretfully, I sold the boat for $700.
was the best running of all the 155hp Seasports I've owned and it was run the
hardest by the first owner. Ski'd flat out all it's life before trading to
me for
a 71 Chris Craft Dolphin.

So, my first place to look is the intake manifold. I need the 307 intake
gasket for the GM (Buick) engine - 1970.

I need a flush adapter so I can run the engine out of the water. I used to
one that had a fitting for a hose that bolted to the outdrive swivel point.
I'd like
to find one of those or a clamp on style to fit the 70 model OMC outdrive.

My friend at the machine shop made about 100 tie down clips out of aluminum
for boat cover tie downs. The original Johnson ones were made of plastic and
would fail over time. I can post a photo of one if anyone is interested. I
sell them for $5 each until they are all gone. They won't break and work
with straps OR with rope.

These clips hook under the side rails that encircle the boat.

Lee Hazen - Hendersonville, TN - Old Hickory Lake - Home of Johhny Cash
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