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Welcome. A great list for bouncing ideas back and forth. Many very smart
Have you pulled the heads? Cracked head or broken gasket...?
Do you know for a fact that someone didn't maliciously pour water down the
carb? Perhaps draining it all out and putting new oil in would lend an idea
to how fast the water is leaking in. If it is at all..
66 Sportsman 150
Oshkosh, WI
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> Please introduce yourself by sending a message to
> omc-boats@... and describe your experience or interest!!
> Hello,
> Lee Hazen here. Age 61. I'm a new member of this list.
> I've been a big fan of the Johnson Seasport and Surfer (and Dolphin) boats
> since l974
> when I moved to Hendersonville, TN and bought a house adjacent to Old
> Hickory Lake. A neighbor had a l970 Johnson Seasport - dark green, and
> let me use it and I immediately fell in love with it and wanted one.
> neighbor had a light green 69 Seasport in a neighboring cove.
> In l979, I finally found a 69 Seasport in a cove up the lake from me in
> Juliet,
> Tn and bought it for $1,500.
> The story goes on and on with me finding other Seasports for my friends
> we ended up with a sort of "club" and would run together on the lake up to
> little island we called "The sand Island" where the bottom was sandy - a
> spot to visit, wash our boats and consume our favorite beverages.
> Our group has moved on and the boats are gone as well, but that love for
> wonderful boats continues. Recently, I drove by a duplex in town and
> in front was a l970 Johnson Surfer on the original Johnson (bulldozer)
> trailer.
> The boat was all original with a few additions of a stereo and depth
> I made and offer which was exactly what the owner wanted for the boat, and
> brought it home behind my 1979 Olds Custom Cruiser Wagon with 403 cu in
> engine. I keep it just for this kind of towing.
> Servicing the boat turned up a perplexing problem. The engine had 4
> of a thick honey consistancy mix of oil and water.. The previous owner
> bought the boat about a year earlier and had been running the boat with
> sludge in the engine.. It's obvious there is water getting into the
oil -
> but
> WHERE? I'm suspecting the input manifold gasket as an Edelbrock intake
> manifold is mounted on the 307 V-8 engine. Both petcocks were tightly
> but since the seller said he had run it about 3 hours , a week earlier,
> not
> sure if it was drained last winter or not. The freeze plugs look fine.
> Engine
> started up fine and idled evenly - for about 10 seconds - as I do not have
> flush
> adaptor for water and didn't want to damage the impeller.
> Outdrive oil was dirty in the lower unit, so I changed it. The
> and
> upper housings were full and clean. I greased the steering fittings as
> So, my present engine oil/water problem is all that's keeping me from
> this old classic in the water and going for a cruise.
> A month or so ago, I started a "Johnson Sea Foil Owners Group" at
> No members so far. I'll probably shut it down now that I've found this
> I've heard that the l966 Sea Foil design was exceptionally efficient and
> Johnson
> was stopped from using the design for some legal reasons. Is there a
> about this that I can read?
> By the way, I bought my 19' Johnson Surfer for $1,000 including the
> I hope to get involved with your group. I can sure use some help with my
> boat.
> Lee Hazen (retired recording engineer from Nashville studio scene)
> 615 824 2330
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