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I would think that carb rebuild kits would still be available through an
Evinrude Dealer, but I might be wrong. More than likely, there's not going
to be too much to that carb and you could possible tear it apart, clean it
out with carb cleaner and maybe even save the old gaskets without having to
buy a kit. Having the proper kit is always the best way to go though.


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Thanks Chad -

Not the answer I wanted--but probably true. ;-}

 I've rebuilt car and truck carbs in the past and always got some kind
of kit with all the little replaceable springs, washers and gaskets.
 It's hard top believe I could find such a thing for my Playmate. Any


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>Sounds to me liek you're just do a carb overhaul. Seafoam is good stuff and
>it might work, but the only sure way to correct carb problems is a complete
>Chad Chambers
>1967 Evinrude Sportsman 155
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>Subject: 1966 Evinrude Playmate
>Greetings -
>I recently bought a 1966 Evinrude Playmate. If I can get this animal up
>and running I'll post some action pictures.
>So far it has a rebuilt starter, a new water pump, new head gaskets, and
>a new gas pump.
>I need a voltage regulator, a tilt motor for the outdrive, and some good
>luck or maybe advice trying to ungunk the carburetors. It will start
>with liberal use of the choke and it requires frequent choking to stay
>running. This seems to get a little better as I run it more. With the
>throttle wide open and a finger off and on the choke, I can make about 3
>I have been advised to run a lot of SEAFOAM through it. Any other ideas?
>ed oliver
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