Evinrude Sweet 16

From: Bill.Beardsley@...
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 07:54:41 -0400

I bought a Sweet 16 several years ago, because I've always been interested
in the boats, but I've
never done anything with it. It's time to admit that I never will and free
up some space in my yard.
It's in OK condition and was in use when I bought it. The motor that came
with it was junk, but it's
sitting on a decent galvanized trailer. It has a Massachusetts title in my

So here's the deal. I would like this boat to go to someone who appreciates
it, so I'll basically give it away.
I would like to get back the $50 I spent on the title. The trailer really
is pretty good, so I'd like to get $200 for
that, but you don't have to take the trailer to get the boat.

I also have an absolutely pristine 198x 70 hp Johnson that really was used
only on a lake by an old man,
It comes with controls and runs perfectly. I've never used it, so I'd like
to sell it for $1000, which is what I paid
for it, preferably to someone who will use it in fresh water.

I'm located in southeastern Massachusetts, about an hour south of Boston.

                                                            Bill Beardsley
Received on Thursday, 24 July 2003

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