From: Bill Desmond <nebdlo@...>
Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2003 12:23:43 -0700 (PDT)

i guess i will be putting my rogue up 4 sale. for the same reason as the guy from ca. the boat is a little big for our lake. the lake we have a cottage on is only 1 mile long. when i put the boat in the water this spring i went about 20' and BANG! hit a log. so the prop is wadded. i have not replaced the prop yet. the local marina can get me one for $220 but i get laid off in the summer so $$ is tight. i have a 16' starcraft so it hasn't been a real big deal. the 16 is better for the lake anyways. but only has an old 55 hp. so i was thinking of selling both of them and buying a boat that is bigger than the starcraft and smaller than the rogue. anyways I'm asking $2000 for it and it can be seen on the omc web page. its the 68 with the walk through dash and the dual axle trailer. the only use it has since the picture is the limping to the dock with the bent up prop. it is still in the water but i may be taking it in the near future. it runs great and everything works fine
 except it has an elec. fuel pump and i think the sol. on the tilt up is going bad, sometimes you have to hit the button a few times to get the motor up. it has a new tilt motor ( three or so years ago). a new impeller the year before last. the lags for the drivers seat got loose in the floor, instead of moving it a little an relagging, i just took it out. i never sit any ways while driving. yes the floor is solid, but i dont think those pedestal seats where made to be lagged into plywood alone. the trailer is in beautifull shape and has electric breaks. my email is nebdlo@... the boat is on lamoka lake in souther ny state. so if anyone is interested let me know.


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