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Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 23:30:48 -0600

I'm flattered a picture I took is being used by someone for wallpaper


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> Hello to everyone on the list! It's always nice to have some activity on
> this list.
> Since the boating season is in full swing I've been keeping my eyes open
> for any OMC boats on the road (or on the water when I can get to some.) I
> was at a local lake recently and didn't much of any old boats except a few
> standard v-hull runabouts. Most of the boats were modern ski or wakeboard
> boats and some pricey-looking I/O styles.
> As for me . . . the only news I can report is that I did manage this
> to building a custom trailer for my '64 OMC Johnson DeLuxe (Canadian
> model). There's a new photo of it on the web site. My boat now has a
> great trailer to rest on while I build an addition on my house :-) .
> the addition, the boat is the next major project.
> By the way, I'm always amazed at how computers and especially the internet
> have made an impact on our lives - I've currently got the photo of Jim
> Orfino's dad's Sweet 16 planing as my desktop wallpaper. It's literally a
> way to "Keep your eye on the prize!".
> Happy boating (or otherwise) to everyone.
> Greg Van Vliet
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