Just saying Hi, and an update . . .

From: Greg Van Vliet <gvanvliet@...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 10:42:20 -0700

Hello to everyone on the list! It's always nice to have some activity on
this list.

Since the boating season is in full swing I've been keeping my eyes open
for any OMC boats on the road (or on the water when I can get to some.) I
was at a local lake recently and didn't much of any old boats except a few
standard v-hull runabouts. Most of the boats were modern ski or wakeboard
boats and some pricey-looking I/O styles.

As for me . . . the only news I can report is that I did manage this winter
to building a custom trailer for my '64 OMC Johnson DeLuxe (Canadian
model). There's a new photo of it on the web site. My boat now has a
great trailer to rest on while I build an addition on my house :-) . After
the addition, the boat is the next major project.

By the way, I'm always amazed at how computers and especially the internet
have made an impact on our lives - I've currently got the photo of Jim
Orfino's dad's Sweet 16 planing as my desktop wallpaper. It's literally a
way to "Keep your eye on the prize!".

Happy boating (or otherwise) to everyone.

Greg Van Vliet
Received on Friday, 11 July 2003

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