Season's Greetings to all OMC boat owners/enthusiasts - some great new photos on the web site!

From: Greg Van Vliet <gvanvliet@...>
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 16:19:05 -0800

I was very pleased to see some new entries in the OMC boats web site.
 There are a couple of great looking boats from Peter Bilecki. I'm
particularly interested in the Sweet 16 that was converted from a Johnson
DeLuxe 16. Does this confirm (as now newly added on the web site at the
top of my entry in the Johnson Reveler category) that my 1964 OMC with
Johnson nameplates is in fact a Johnson DeLuxe 16? Peter - if you're
reading, can you reply? (Actually, I'd also like to contact you directly
off the list so I can ask you a bunch of questions.)

I've been tinkering away at rebuilding my Johnson 90hp outboard. I decided
that since it has a solid powerhead it would be worth some time and effort
to slowly dismantle the ancillary components and clean/rebuild/refinish
them all. This way I can also test each component individually without
distraction and isolate any possible problems before trying to fire it up
again. This motor is actually one of the easiest to repair that I've lo
oked at - no electronic ignition and fairly strong construction. I needed
to replace the ignition timing belt because I found out the existing belt
is actually meant for a 75hp model. I am lucky to work for a couple of
vintage car & motorcycle enthusiasts and one of them found the belt that I
need from an industrial supplier for only $10. This compares to about $40
from an online marine supplier.

As for the boat itself - it's basically unchanged for now. I have,
however, almost finished building a new custom trailer. This trailer is
styled much like the one shown with Peter Bilecki's 1965 Sweet 16. I still
need to make bunk brackets and get the fenders on. I plan to float the
boat onto the new trailer this spring. It will allow the boat to sit nice
and low which should make for nice pulling on the road. Maybe I'll get a
photo of it soon.

Here's another question - Does the upper hull deck of anyone's boat have a
pebbled texture to it? Mine does and I'm wondering if this is going to be
difficult to repaint eventually.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! ! !

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