Re: Project Sweet 16!: YAHOOOOOOO!!!

From: Michael Frenn <semsc@...>
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:21:14 -0700

I went looking for clothesline cable but found aircraft cable instead
(0.49/ft), which to me seems more appropriate to use. I'm going to buy a
small piece and see if it fits inthe pulley.

Michael F

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> I'll have to replace my steering cable as well. I was planning to use
> readily available clothesline cable, which seemed to match the existing
> cable on my boat. Is this what you are referring to?
> BTW - I have been able to wet sand and machine polish my acrylic
> to the point that it is now crystal clear except for some remaining minor
> scratches and some overall "swirl" (just needs better polishing). The
> concession is that the passenger side of the windshield has deformities
> that are noticeable due to the depth of material removed from the sanding.
> But hey, it sure beats spending $400 for a custom replacement!
> Greg Van Vliet
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> It's awesome! And I just found aircraft cable I can use to replace the
> steering. BTW, my boat is named the Fourth Woman (after Ramona - wife,
> Rachael -Daughter, and Buick!).
> Michael Frenn
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