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Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 21:18:52 -0700

Mike, I may be interested. I will be that way next month.

Michael Frenn
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  Hello everyone

  I have a project boat that I do not have time for and would like it to go to a good home for what I paid for it. The boat is an blue/white 1966 120HP Evinrude Sportsman '16 and it also had the original trailer.

  Boat: Trailer:
  Manufacturer: Evinrude (OMC) Manufacturer: Evinrude (OMC)
  Year: 1966 Year 1966
  Model: 234503R Model: 975985R
  Serial No: WI-19128 Serial No: WI-0380
  Length: 16 ft Length: 16 ft
  Engine: 120 Hp I/O

  The Engine needs an exhaust manifold, the boat itself is sound but needs some TLC and elbow grease on the glass and the engine dog house needs to be replaced / rebuilt. The trailer needs new tires before it can be moved and possibly a new hitch receiver assembly. Neither the boat or trailer are currently registered. If anyone is interested in the boat I would like back the $500.00 I paid for it.

  The Boat in located in Ontario, California (about 30 miles east of Los Angeles).

  Give me a call at 909-983-6211

  Mike Spivey
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