Re: boat in water lack of power when in gear

From: Jeff & mel <jam82@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 21:57:45 -0500

Bob,I own a 1969 johnson 155 reveler V-6 225 engine "155 hp ",,
a guy down the road gave me a 1970 glastron V- 174 crestflite which
I will restore soon,same engine and OMC drive as the reveler,lots of
work,,but fun,,P S check your thermostat also..Jeff M
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> > Bob,what kind of engine do you have??Try running it on a garden
> > hose or in a drum,,I have a reveler that I run on my trailer and it's
> > a good way to set everything.....Jeff M
> Hey there Jeff, yes I have a garden hose attachment from the previous
> What I neglected to use before today though was a little blocking piece
> the water outlet. Finally discovered it among all the junk that's
> onboard. So... the water pump wasn't able to siphon enough through until
> that outlet on the side was covered. 4 years without doing all that stuff
> a long time so I forgot all about the procedure and relied too much on
> memory so thought I was doing okay just to hook up a hose.
> So yes, it's some dry land tuning and timing now before the next little
> adventure, now that I know I have water running through the pump.
> It's a 90HP V-4. Same year as boat, '66, and stern drive (I/O).
> P.S. stopped by a house where I saw a old OMC type boat, just enough to
> that it is a Evinrude Sportsman stern drive. Looking old but okay.
> Bob H.
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