Re: boat in water lack of power when in gear

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Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 21:40:32 -0500

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> Bob,what kind of engine do you have??Try running it on a garden
> hose or in a drum,,I have a reveler that I run on my trailer and it's
> a good way to set everything.....Jeff M

Hey there Jeff, yes I have a garden hose attachment from the previous owner.
What I neglected to use before today though was a little blocking piece for
the water outlet. Finally discovered it among all the junk that's collected
onboard. So... the water pump wasn't able to siphon enough through until
that outlet on the side was covered. 4 years without doing all that stuff is
a long time so I forgot all about the procedure and relied too much on
memory so thought I was doing okay just to hook up a hose.
So yes, it's some dry land tuning and timing now before the next little
adventure, now that I know I have water running through the pump.
It's a 90HP V-4. Same year as boat, '66, and stern drive (I/O).

P.S. stopped by a house where I saw a old OMC type boat, just enough to see
that it is a Evinrude Sportsman stern drive. Looking old but okay.

Bob H.
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