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Subject: OMC BOATS - Sweet 16 load capacity & towing weight

> Does anyone know if there is a published max
> capacity for the Sweet 16? For that matter, here's a couple of other
> questions:
> 1) Does anyone have any owner's manual literature for the Sweet 16 and/or
> the 1964 Johnson/Evinrude 90hp outboard?
> 2) What is the height from the floor deck to the top of the original size
> seat (seat bottom, not back)?
> 3) Does anyone know the approximate weight of the Sweet 16 (either "dry
> weight" or "wet" trailered weight?
> 4) Mike - your photos on the OMC web site of your "first happy day" :-)
> show a fairly small looking trailer. Do you still have that same trailer
> and do you drive any long distances with it?

The sales brochure I have has the '66 Sweet 16 and it says capacity of 1400
No mention of a 90HP outboard but everyone tells me the I/O I have is just
an outboard converted to stern drive. Don't know if ours would be similar
This sales brochure also shows a trailer for your boat ('66 anyway) and it's
an inbetween size of the Playmate and Rogue ones, of course. They are all
the tilt bed type.
No mention of weight.
HP rating from 40 to 130.
25 cu. ft. "high density polyurethane foam" for flotation.
16' 2-1/2" length and 7' 1" max width.
I can see from the photo that the drivers seat back is probably a few inches
above the side of the boat, using the people's hands as a guideline. Not
exacting, I know.
I sold the trailer I got with the boat but it was tilt bed, just heavier
than I wanted to pull around. So I sold it with my Dad's old boat, trading
with him and have a lighter one now. It does okay (did, still have yet to
travel again) for the 60+ mile trips from the lake to home and back, never
went farther than that though.

There's a brochure for the '64 at
but it's $20 just for that. No parts catalog or manual.

Bob H.
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