Re: Good news / bad news about getting a replacement windshield

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Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2002 15:07:23 -0500

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Subject: Good news / bad news about getting a replacement windshield
> I've decided that it's still well worth it to keep the boat and complete
> the repairs/restoration. I really like the gull-wing hull shape and the
> size of the deck (to carry up to six people). Actually, that brings up a
> question - I've assumed that these boats are very stable at standstill as
> well as under power. Can anyone attest to this?

It is a rather good platform in the water. I had fished quite a bit from
mine. You could lean way over and fall out before it seemed to tilt much. I
doubt it would be easy to turn one over.
The downside to the gullsing design is that the ride can be a bit rough if
the water is turbulent. Good soft seats are a must. I'm thinking of somehow
padding the seat mounts if I can because I sure recall those times my back
was feeling the jarring on some windy days.

Sure is pricey to get a windshield made, would have been good to find one
parted out from another boat instead. I saw three or four similar
"gull-wing" boats on a lake this past weekend and none of them with the
curved windshield just all the walk-thru type, however one at a house on the
road to the lake was about like yours. I couldn't tell the model, I think
I'll stop by next time and see.

Bob H.
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