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 "Tom Bakko" <ddac69@...> wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how these people are getting 40 mph
> out of their 16'
> Sportsman 155. The best I have been able to do is 29 mph
> with 2 people in
> the boat, turning 4200 rpm.
> Tom Bakko

Propellor, tilt (and trim if you have it) of the motor or
stern drive, those factor in a lot I know.

Trying to recall what is on my smaller 14+' 90HP V-4, I
think it's about a 10 X 9 1/2 for pulling skiers. The spare
is a 11 X 12 (barely fits) or something like that, for
higher speed but a less loaded boat. Been so long since I
saw the speedometer on mine but I think it did about 30. I
was usually the only person in it but I carried two anchors
and two 6 gallon containers of gas + the tank-full (11
I have a 10 X 11 I want to try, if and when I get it running
again. I'm pretty naive when it comes to this kind of thing
so please excuse me if I have diam./pitch numbers reversed.

Bob H.
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