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From: Mike Cole <mikec@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 16:46:31 -0400

The first place to check would be the rotor, cap, and points. Make sure the
points are opening and closing.

Mike R. Cole
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Subject: Project: "Sweet 16" Update; ignition Help

> Well, we continue to progress with our '65 Sweet 16. New fuel tank,
> line, filter and gasket. Replaced the water pump impeller. Replaced the
> starter solenoid. I traced most of the wires in the harness and ignition
> switch.
> I have questions about ignition. This 75 HP has the magneto ignition.
> 1. My understanding is that a magento generates it's own electrical
> internally, using magnet rotation and has no external supply of voltage.
> long as the motor is running and the magento is working order, it will
> generate spark. Is this correct?
> 2. The manual talks about a "Kill" switch and a safety switch. The
> solenoid has a post for a safety switch. There is a switch on the port
> (left?) side of the magneto. Is this safety or kill? What do these do (I
> sort of figure "kill" is to ground the magento when the key is turned off,
> and safety has something to do with the starter circuit).
> 3. The ignition switch has a black/white wire atached to a terminal that
> doesn't seem affected by key position. The wire seems to be grounded to
> powerhead.
> 4. I have a "motor cranks but will not start" condition. The motor has
> been idle for at least 18 months. I had my son crank th motor while I
> looked for spark at the plugs. There was none. My first inclination is
> replace rotor, points, coil and condensor, just as maintenance. But I was
> wondering if the magento is being constantly grounded, would that keep
> for forming?
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Michael Frenn (Getting anxious to see water!)
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