Project: "Sweet 16" Update; ignition Help

From: Michael Frenn <semsc@...>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 08:19:02 -0700

Well, we continue to progress with our '65 Sweet 16. New fuel tank, supply
line, filter and gasket. Replaced the water pump impeller. Replaced the
starter solenoid. I traced most of the wires in the harness and ignition

I have questions about ignition. This 75 HP has the magneto ignition.

1. My understanding is that a magento generates it's own electrical energy
internally, using magnet rotation and has no external supply of voltage. As
long as the motor is running and the magento is working order, it will
generate spark. Is this correct?

2. The manual talks about a "Kill" switch and a safety switch. The
solenoid has a post for a safety switch. There is a switch on the port
(left?) side of the magneto. Is this safety or kill? What do these do (I
sort of figure "kill" is to ground the magento when the key is turned off,
and safety has something to do with the starter circuit).

3. The ignition switch has a black/white wire atached to a terminal that
doesn't seem affected by key position. The wire seems to be grounded to the

4. I have a "motor cranks but will not start" condition. The motor has
been idle for at least 18 months. I had my son crank th motor while I
looked for spark at the plugs. There was none. My first inclination is to
replace rotor, points, coil and condensor, just as maintenance. But I was
wondering if the magento is being constantly grounded, would that keep spark
for forming?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Michael Frenn (Getting anxious to see water!)
Received on Monday, 25 June 2001

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