Having some problems

From: pated66@...
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:54:22 -0400

Looking for any suggestions at this point.
I know I'm the oddball in the group having an Evinrude V-4 90hp I/O, but maybe some of you have experienced similar problems.

I can only run for about 15 min or so on the water before she overheats. I have installed a new impellor, made sure the water p/u was clear, checked and even ran without the thermostat parts in the mid unit.
she is pumping water, and I connected a hose inline with the line that runs between the heads and ran for 20+ min without a problem.
I'm thinking of pulling the head covers and checking the water passages next.

This boat sat for a number of years before I got it so i thought there may be some creepy crawly creatures in there, or some other blockage. Beyond that, all I can think of is that she knows when I get paid and gives me problems the day before :-)

The other thing, although not as severe, is that because of sitting, the fuel comming out of the tank is dark. Just a chemicle reaction, or should the tank be replaced?

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