OMC Deluxe 17 for sale

From: Bruce Douglas <bdcs@...>
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2001 08:34:43 -0600 (Mountain Daylight Time)

To all classic enthusiests everywhere,

Well, I am going to sell the family jewel after thirty-six years of happy
boating. In 1965, my
father bought an OMC Deluxe 17 Tri-Hull runabout, (In the US they called it
the Johnson 17 Deluxe runabout). It came with the 150HP Buick V6 engine in
it. I was 16 years old at the time and for the next 10 years the boat got it
s annual two week workout. It was stored away in a heated garage for the
rest of the year. Eventually the boat remained stored for another ten years.
At this time it was passed down to my brother who with his kids used it
about three weeks a year on his vacation. The boat still looked good but was
starting to show it's years in places. My brother then decided to restore
her to her original condition and spent $18,000 Canadian Dollars in
restoration. Everything was redone with only qualified workers. Engine was
totally rebuilt to new, boat repainted, newly covered seats, gas tank taken
out and refurbished, new lines, parts, whatever was needed. I finally got
the boat two years ago and immediately spent $5000.00 dollars on the tralier
 new custom cover, etc. etc. Now my kids do not want to go boating, so I am
going to sell her.

Some facts:
1. This is probably the best example of this vintage boat out there.
2. We live in a dry climate, (Calgary, AB Canada) and the is absolutely no
rot or ever has been.
3. Over a 36 year period there has been more than $30,000 invested in her.
4. There is only about 200 hrs on the new engine.
5. She runs as good today as she did in 1965.
6. We have the orginal manuals (Service and Boat Manuals)
7. She has the updated rear leg, (which I think came out in 1967).
8. The windshield works, eventhough it is not connected at this time.
9. The top was the only thing that wasn't restored. Was going to do it
this year.
10. This is a classic boat in beautiful shape. Pictures of her are
downloaded on the web site and in the for sale section.

I will let any interested buyer have her for $6000.00 US. Pickup or shipping
is the responsibility of the buyer. Before advertising on Ebay and other
sites, I am letting the OMC enthusiests have the first crack at her. Anyone
with any questions can email me or phone me at (403) 281-7290.

Bruce Douglas
35 Canova Close SW
Calgary, AB T2W3P7

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