Project Sweet 16 - Update

From: Michael Frenn <semsc@...>
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2001 11:08:03 -0700

Well, I still haven't tried ti fire the motor. I need to get a new fuel tank and line. But in the meantime, I removed all of the dash chrome, starter switch nad choke plates and mirror. A lot of elbow grease has them shining very brightly, although the chrome has a lot of pitting. Still, night and day! The seat frames and the seats themselves have all been repainted - they're great, but the seats aren't in that great a shape. I plan to use T-shirt (new) covers. Mequire's wax products have worked miracles on the fiberglass! Looks new. And I installed the original top yesterday after a through scrubbing. It will need to go to the upholstery shop for some repair, but it is definetely useable. Hope to fire it up this weekend.

Michael Frenn

PS. Pink slip says it's a 1965
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