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Take plenty-o-pictures along the way cause there are others (like me) who would be interested.

I am also ready to do some major work on my boat that can be seen at:

The problems in order of importance:
1) Transom - leaks and has slight bowing. I think I am going to have to yank
the motor, remove the top plate, drill out the rot, and add stiffening from
the inside. I hope I do not have to dig into the stringers. The hull is rated for 130HP
and I have a 115HP OB mounted now.

2) corrosion - the boat has been used in the Gulf Of Mexico for the last 16
years and my cleats, rails, instrument cluster, seat frames and windshield
brackets have wear. I may just replace if I can find equivalents.

3) hull - need to gel coat cracks and bottom V.

4) trailer - front cross member is twisting forward.

This boat fits in my garage and I hate to part with it since it is set up
just right. My wife says I need to "spruce it up" a little. She refers to it
as the "Jalopy". I would be content to find a good 1965 Sport 16 hull with
trailer and transfer my hardware.

Thanks for the advice,

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  hey rotten sweet16
  the plywood and glassing over is probibly the way to go just use a good
  marine grade plywood & plenty of resin a few good layers.
  to look at the stringers without tearing up the solid feeling floor .do you
  know a good plumer . they have a camera to look inside drains it will snake
  anywhere & it will let you see the stringers .sounds korney but you wont
  have to tear your boat floor up.
  the sweet 16 is a nice boat good luck with it .hope those ideas work
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