Re: any tips?

From: Bruce Douglas <bdcs@...>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 22:49:15 -0700


I don't have any problems with bouncing over 30mph on smoth water. Does your
boat have any
trim tabs on the back. Mine has some small non movable ones.

My boat with also the same power and also will not do any better than 37mph.
I have tried different
props but did not get anymore speed.

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Subject: any tips?

> This was just sent to me; Can anyone offer them any tips?
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> Subject: Johnson '68 tri-haul
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> Hi,
> I just have a couple questions about a Johnson 155hp I/O tri-haul. I don't
> know whom to ask so I thought I'd start with you.
> When ever I get the boat going faster then 30mph on smooth water the boat
> starts bouncing. Is there anything I can do about that?
> I need a new prop. I would like to ski bare-foot behind the boat but it
> problems pulling me fast enough. (>37mph) Do you have a suggestion on
> or how to increase speed?
> Thanks Mike
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