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Hi Brendt,

Nice to hear from someone who also has one of these boats. I think they are
really a classic
old boat that was ahead of it's time. Down in your part of the world, you
would probably have
an easier time of finding parts than I would here in Canada. If you come
across of any good
spots for stern drive parts, would you let me know? Mine is running good
also, but because I
am at 3500ft. altitude, I am running a 14X18" prop and I added a set of
stabilizers to the stern
above the exhaust and cavitation plate. They made a big difference for me
comming out of the
hole.Now it just pops right out of the water. On the Mississippi, you are
probably close to sea
level, and would't have that problem. I am not quite sure whether mine is a
1965 or1964. On
my engine the model number is (HU-12B) which corresponds to 1964 in the
service manual.
Could you tell me what your's says. Also, what size prop are you running. I
am finding it difficult
to get the old pin drive props up here.
Another thing that might interest you, is that you can get the original
manuals for your boat at: under Marine Literature. Also if you look in and click
on fiberglass, then on fiberclassics. Go to bottom of page and look in other
stuff. Go to (some
Johnson Stuff - 1962). Some nice pictures there of the same boat with an
Well I had better depart for now but do keep in touch.

Bruce Douglas
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> Bruce-
> I recently picked up a 1965 17" OMC Deluxe with the 150hp V6. I have been
> using it on the Mississippi River and really enjoying it. As for parts,
> appears to be in great shape except for seats, so I can't help you much
> I am just starting to search the web for sources. It's funny but this
> boat turns more heads and causes more people to ask about it than anything
> else I have owned.
> Let me know if you run into any other owners.
> Brendt
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