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From: Mark Sullivan <able@...>
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 07:48:50 -0600

Mark Raymond Miller wrote:

> MOTiger@... wrote:
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> > There is a Johnson boat sitting next to a house near me. It was sitting on
> > the ground and looks in great condition. It is the walk through windshield
> > and aqua bottom. I have not stopped and as the people about it but is has not
> > been in the water in 2 years that I know of. If you are interested in it
> > let me know I will stop and ask them. I live in Kansas City......Email
> > MOTiger @... 816-532-3841 Home phone....
> >
> > Thanks for the note
> >
> > Bob Painter
> Dear Bob:
> Appreciate the note on the Johnson Surfer. The last one I saw was a
> 1971 model from the el train in Chicago. At this point I am trying to
> convince my wife regarding the merits of buying a 30 year old boat with
> limited parts availability; currently I am not succeeding. I recently
> was told that the parts for the omc "stinger" outdrive are hard to come
> by. It is unfortunate that the mercruiser stern drive won out. Its
> like the beta VHS battle or Windows vs. Apple; sometimes the best
> technology doesn't win out.
> If by chance you do see the people who own it, it would be interesting
> to know: if it is running?; what year it is (1966-68); does it have a
> trailer?; and are they looking to sell?; and where did it come from? We
> sold ours in 1981 near the lake Tenkiller area in N.E. Oklahoma.
> Again chances are I won't win the arguement with the significant other
> but at least getting the facts wouldn't hurt.
> Thanks Again;
> Mark Miller
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