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From: Mark Raymond Miller <marmil@...>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 1999 21:29:18 -0600

MOTiger@... wrote:
> There is a Johnson boat sitting next to a house near me. It was sitting on
> the ground and looks in great condition. It is the walk through windshield
> and aqua bottom. I have not stopped and as the people about it but is has not
> been in the water in 2 years that I know of. If you are interested in it
> let me know I will stop and ask them. I live in Kansas City......Email
> MOTiger @... 816-532-3841 Home phone....
> Thanks for the note
> Bob Painter
Dear Bob:
Appreciate the note on the Johnson Surfer. The last one I saw was a
1971 model from the el train in Chicago. At this point I am trying to
convince my wife regarding the merits of buying a 30 year old boat with
limited parts availability; currently I am not succeeding. I recently
was told that the parts for the omc "stinger" outdrive are hard to come
by. It is unfortunate that the mercruiser stern drive won out. Its
like the beta VHS battle or Windows vs. Apple; sometimes the best
technology doesn't win out.
If by chance you do see the people who own it, it would be interesting
to know: if it is running?; what year it is (1966-68); does it have a
trailer?; and are they looking to sell?; and where did it come from? We
sold ours in 1981 near the lake Tenkiller area in N.E. Oklahoma.
Again chances are I won't win the arguement with the significant other
but at least getting the facts wouldn't hurt.
Thanks Again;
Mark Miller
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