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Date: Mon, 17 Aug 1998 19:18:24 -0500

Phil Budne wrote:
> Bob,

My first attempt to send a message to the whole list. If this works,
I'll try to send a couple of jpg's that my neighbor at the lake took
showing the Gray Shark to advantage.

I don't have a clue why tri-hulls have fallen from favor, but they don't
seem to be made any more (or at least not parked on new-boat lots). The
bias appears to run deep, however: a number of hard-core fishermen I
brain-picked on my way to boat ownership ventured a range of opinion
that "they're not the kind to get", "they throw you to the side on tight
turns", "not good for rough water", "they suck up your horsepower and
get terrible mileage" and the like (I can confirm the last allegation,
if only for mine). A couple of ski enthusiasts also said that they're
not good for skiing, but couldn't really expand.

I was talking to a friend about a classic boat show that was held near
here (Minneapolis) last weekend, and apparantly high-maintenance wooden
hulls are not the only boats collectors are interested in any more. Now
that the first fiberglass runabouts are pushing 40 years old, there
evidently is a growing sub-culture of antique fiberglass collectors who
just might push values of our favorite OMCs to new levels.

Personally, I'm in favor of expanding the site to include all tri-hulls,
or even all fiberglass runabouts (perhaps 20' or shorter) of a certain
age (maybe pre-80s?). These boats tend to share an aesthetic with our
OMCs, and mechanical experiences may be similar.

You never know where you'll learn something.

Happy cruisin'

Mike Stevesand

> Welcome! Our happy band now numbers 12.
> All,
> Today I was looking at the latest Boston "Want Advertizer" a weekly
> publication of nothing but want ads, and saw the following;
> 16' Evinrude Sport Cruiser w/ EZ loader trlr, 50hp Evinrude,
> extemely stable tri-hull style, great fishing boat. $1500/bo
> Other tri-hull listings (details omitted);
> 16.5' Glasstron tri-hull early 80' 75hp Evinrude $1300
> 17' Chrysler Cathedral tri-hull w/ 85h $1500
> 15' Glasstron tri-hull w/ 80hp IB, shift needs work $1800
> 16' Silverline tri-hull 1972. 60hp Johnson OB $1995
> 15' tri-hull 1977. 40hp Johnson OB $2500
> Which brings up two questions;
> Why did tri-hull's (which seemed quite popular in the 70's) from
> favor? Even Boston whaler is selling V-hulls!
> Would it make sense to broaden the list to include any of the above
> makes? I remember the Glasstrons looked alot like Evinrudes, and
> Chris-Craft purchased the OMC molds/designs (I even saw one recently
> parked near Newfound Lake, NH).
> -phil
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