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Thanks to all who replied to my ignition fuse blowing issue. My electrical
knowledge is pretty basic. After spending some time educating myself (this
post was pretty helpful,
I spent half a day on Friday with my multi-meter. I quickly came to the
conclusion that I had a ground fault, as the voltage read about 10.5 when
testing positive battery terminal with disconnected positive battery cable.

The wire sheathing to my 100 amp fuse at the starter was brittle. The fuse
was still good, so I clipped the wires and spliced some good no
connections. That wasn't the problem; but, it was good to get that shored
up while by head was down there by the starter. I disconnected all
positive wires to the starter, and my multimeter read 0.00, so I knew the
problem was there. I re-connected each one by one until the voltage came
back on the multimeter. It was the branch leading to the tilt solenoids.
On closer inspection, the ground wires leading to it and connecting the two
solenoids had no sheathing left at all. I got some new wire and new
connectors and re-wrapped the positive wires on the solenoids, as well.

Problem fixed!!!! Ran the boat all weekend pulling the kiddos on skis and

Thanks again for all the input.

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On Sun, Aug 9, 2015 at 2:03 PM, Gregory Fell <gfell@...> wrote:

> 1969 Sportsman 155 died at cruising speed a month ago. Ignition switch
> fuse was blown. After replacing it has run great for last month. Died
> today again. Now fuse blows immediately upon cranking. Any advice would
> be appreciated. Thanks.

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