[OMC-Boats] 2 Evinrude Sportsman Boats

Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 13:12:45 -0400

I have a 1964 Evinrude Sportsman with the V-4 Chevy engine and a 1967
Sportsman 155 with the Buick V-6 engine. I purchased the 67 in Arkansas for
$1500 about 10 years ago and towed it home to So. Calif. Lee's Marine in
Santa Fe Springs went through it and told me it was in great shape
mechanically. I took it out on a few lakes and it performed perfectly. It had been
modified kind of crudely (in my opinion). A bad paint job, a MIcky Mouse
windshield, and aftermarket seats which were not as bad as the paint and
windshield were the main non-stock features.
I purchased the '64 for $400 from a man in Northern Calif. near Lake Shasta
 with the intent to use many of the parts to restore the '67 to as close to
stock as possible. The owner said that it ran, but that the out-drive
would not go up and down as it should. In addition to the railings that were
taken from the '67, the '64 had what appears to be a complete original
convertible top. The fabric is there, but dried out and with ripped seams. It
 would be suitable, I believe, to serve as a pattern if one wanted to make
a new one. I never tried to get this one running, so I only have the
owners word. I really didn't care, since I only was interested in it for it's
other parts.
 I transferred the windshield and had paint mixed to match the original
color and put in spray cans. Things kind of got away from me and I gave the
boats to my daughter and son in law to finish and keep. They have since
returned them to me, because they never got around to doing anything with
Both original trailers are in great shape (the trailer from the '67 had the
 same bad paint job) and can be towed anywhere. The tires are good and
their are extra tires and wheels that I purchased as well as a parts
catalogue, an extra prop and of course the paint that I paid about $200 for. The
floors on both boats are solid, and the hulls are good too.
I just turned 75 and I don't see myself ever finishing this project. In
addition, my wife is not happy (an understatement) about these boats being
in our front yard. The city is not too thrilled either.
I would love for these boats to go to someone that would finish what I
started. I don't expect to get all my money out of them. A friend of mind
checked with a boat wrecking yard and told me they would pay $400 each for
them. I really don't want to see them junked. If anyone would like to know
more, please call or text me at 714-403-4469. I'm not real good at all
this internet tech stuff, but I'm sure I can text pictures from my Android
Phone to interested parties.
Skip Redman
Buena Park, CA

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