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Well you probably did not do anything intentionally to it. Just a 50 year
old machine acting it's age. I would guess a break in the forward gear
electromagnet or it's wire or forward gear clutch hub spring or it's tang.
Those items live in the lower gear case. You might view a parts list on the
Crowley Marine website if you do not have a Seloc or OMC manual. Tom

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Hello fellow OMC owners,

I have a '64 Johnson Deluxe??..7 years of operation and never had this
happen. Had 4 people on board. I think I was either up on plane or
about to be on plane when i heard/felt sort of a breaking sound from the
engine and then the RPM's went way up. Long story short??..aftewards had
no forward gear. BUT had reverse.

What did I do to it?

thanks! Jeff


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