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I would never try and reinvent something that is already perfect. You are
going to spend a lot of money and will end up with who knows what. I would
redo as original. I know others might disagree but they are gifted with
mechanical knowledge not usually available. If money is an issue then sell
what you have and buy something cheap, that will not need a ton of work.
There are tons of used boats for sale - all shapes and sizes. Don't waste
time and money putting a square peg in a round hole. TK

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   1. Fwd: Need Wisdom on a 64 Johnson Deluxe/69 Evinrude Sportsman
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Evinrude Sportsman
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Ok thanks for the replies!!! I still do not know what I am going to do. Hear
is my thinking so far, I could put the Evinrude Engine into the johnson,
granted they will link up ok, I was told they would..however I already
noticed the front engine mount is different. Or I am thinking of just
scrappin the old, and filling in the hole..and putting an outboard on it. i
think expense wise..it could go either way...I don't know how much to fill
in the back, where the stern drive is, could be pricey..especilly adding a
bracket for the outboard...I don't know thats just my thinking....

Robert Steadman

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Subject: Need Wisdom on a 64 Johnson Deluxe/69 Evinrude Sportsman

I rescently traded for these two boats. I thought the Johnson was pretty
cool. Its actually in really good shape, except that the motr was frozen.
The guy that had it went ahead and pulled the engine, and was going to use
the running engine out of the Evinrude. Well to my surprise the engine did
fire up. Unfortunatley Evinrude has no title so I cant do anything with it,
plus the hull has bad rott.

My question..is do go ahead and swap engines, or should change the engine
with a newer one..My boat guy was not excited as I was and said I would
spend alot. I dont want to sink a bunch into it, but would like to get it on
the water. I have the Stern drive on both boats, and lots of parts.

Robert Steadman

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