[OMC-Boats] Tramsom Saver?

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Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2011 19:54:01 -0400 (EDT)

I have a 1965 14-foot Evinrude Ski Lark. The capacity plate allows a 90 HP motor. I have a 2005 90 HP Evinrude E-Tech. The E-Tech is so big and heavy the dealership had to mount a metal plate extending the transom. They suggested I have two brackets installed extending 45 degrees from the rear boat deck through the engine well to the metal plate for added support.

I did this. Even so, after some years the brackets (bolted down with epoxy) are pulling out of the fiberglass deck. I don't know if it is normal boat use or trailering bumps and vibrations pulling the brackets out. I slow 'way down for wakes (the gull-wing hull does not like rough water). It is 46 year-old fiberglass but I've babied my baby and it seems in good shape. Maybe the E-Tech is just too damn heavy, but she goes like a bat out of hell which is tremendous fun.

Somebody recommended a transom saver. I know little about them other than marine discussion boards seem split 50/50 if the things are worth it or not. I'll gladly buy one and faithfully use it if it helps in my situation. I'm going to a fiberglass repair place to see what they say. I'm guessing they can re-insert the brackets. But, the brackets will probably just pull out again in time.

Ladies and Gents: Should I get a transom saver? Other thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

(This omc-boats forum is great.)
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