[OMC-Boats] '64 Deluxe Carpet and Rubber

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Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 22:26:19 -0400

Hello Gents,

I just bought a '64 Deluxe which seems to be a pretty good boat mechanically, but needs the usual cosmetic things. Currently the floor is covered with astroturf and somehow I doubt that is stock. What was the original floor covering and is it available?

Also, the white rubber weatherstripping around the windshield is pretty well shot. Is there a source for that material?

Based on previous posts and the boat's weight I'm going to guess that I have about 500 lbs of water in the foam at the stern. I assume there's no way to get rid of it short of cutting away the floor and digging it out. What type of foam should be poured in for replacement?

This is a great list - lots of really helpful information to maintain these old girls.

Ed Pierson
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