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You definitely do NOT want to use an automotive fuel pump in a boat.
Marine-rated fuel pumps have double-diaphragms and other design features to
help reduce the risk of failure -- even way back in the 60s. Bypassing
"marine rated" hardware is dangerous, against the law, and not worth the

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You may want to consider switching to an electric fuel pump that matches the

fuel pump specs for your engine as it would enable you to put an inexpensive

cover where the mechanical pump was located and switch to an easy to a
potentially less expensive solution. I found an electric pump that matched
the specs for my Buick 300 V8 (Skylark and Johnson Surfer engine) at
Autozone. If you prefer mechanical you could purchase an aftermarket
mechanical that meets your specs (more specifically, specs of Auto with
equivalent engine) even more inexpensively; ~$20 range. Autozone, Pep Boys,

Napa...will all likely have appropriate choices. Good luck!

'67 Surfer

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> 1. Re: Fuel Pump Help (Andy Perakes)
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> If I remember right, I got one ~3 years ago from Michigan Marine Gear,
> It wasn?t cheap. I seem to recall $175,
> but am not sure and all my paperwork is at the lake. It was the right
> pump assembly, but did not have the integrated glass bowl/filter so I took

> that off my old one (I like the visual sight). I?ve had the best luck
> finding parts by searching for the OMC part #, both through general search

> engines (Google, Yahoo, ?) and on eBay. If its just leaking at the seal,
> you may be able to tighten the screws and get it to re-seal. More likely
> I suspect it only appears to be leaking at the seal and is actually
> leaking out the vent indicating a blown diaphragm. Regardless of what it
> is or how you fix it, I strongly advise you to route a line from the vent
> to the carb such that any gas leaking out the vent gets routed harmlessly
> into the carb (assuming you have a flame arrestor installed) instead of
> your bildge. Good luck!
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> Subject: [OMC-Boats] Fuel Pump Help
> Could use some help on locating a rebuild kit or a new fuel pump for a
> 1968 Sportsman 155 225 V6. Mine has the glass bowl on the bottom and it
> was dry all winter( rebuilt the Carb) and when I started it up today it
> was leaking not at the bowl gasket but the gasket above where the bail
> assembly fastens. Any suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Chuck
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