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I agree with Lee.  I ordered my bimini and optional hardware online from Ameribrands;
My boat renovation took place over this last summer and the shakedown lasted late into the season so I missed all but the last couple of weeks of the boatable weather but sitting in the driveway....., it looks great and I'm happy with it!  ;-)

I ordered an 8', four bow, Sunbrella fabric version in Navy blue with boot and two rear support poles.  I measured across to the outside edge of the gunwale and height wise, with enough to clear my head by about 1-2 inches when I stand under either end.  I also ordered a 48" slider so I could move the bimini forward or rearward for the "vaporetto" effect where the cockpit is exposed while the rear is covered (it's a forward cockpit Evinrude). 

After receiving my top and placing it in position, I decided to mount the sliders on the outside of the gunwale rather than on the top to maximize interior space when either up or down.  It allows people to sit, rest their feet or step on the gunwale without worrying about the effects of the slider on your butt or feet (or the damage to the slider caused by a butt or foot!)  It worked out really well.  I also ordered the lanyard type pins for the very reason Lee mentioned, I didn't want to loose them over the side or be constantly looking for them when I set them down.  You can check it out on my photo site below, pages 12-13. 

I'm sure looking forward to this season!  It's just around the corner!

Dallas, TX
1970 Evinrude Explorer - 155 Buick V6 - OMC Sterndrive

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Hi Doug,

These tops are available from a number of sources: Overton's West Marine, etc. Check out their web's

The bimini style top is one of the more useful accessories you can purchase, imho. When I got one for my boat a few years ago, my wive wondered it took me so long.

I would offer the following suggestions, based on equipping my Sportsman with a Shademate bimini top.

1) choose the top fabric color and material. Sunbrella is an acrylic material that will last the longest. But you can also spend less on polyester or even vinyl. Most tops come with matching boots or storage covers and mounting hardware and strap kits.

2) choose the hardware frame. The std tubing is aluminium; but stainless steel is also available at extra cost. Stainless is stronger and resists corrosion better.
the mounting point. 

3) Measure carefully. I like being able to stand and walk under my top. So measure the height from the mounting point. The length would typically be 6-ft for a 16-ft but 8-ft might be better for a 19-ft. Three-bow frames are most typical but two and four-bow frames are also options. You will also need to specify the width. You can mount inside or on top of the gunwale, which will affect you width.

4) Optional hardware you want to consider:  Rear brace poles,  slide tracks for mount points to facilitate storage. Also, one little item you won't want to forget: Get the optional Laynard Pull Pins. They'll prevent you or your crew from accidentally dropping the pull pins into the water.

While the aftermarket bimini top doesn't have the cool, sleek 60's look, of the original OMC top designs, the classic Bimini is a more functional design.


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looking for a bimini top for a '69 Evinrude 155 Sportsman....any ideas?  Also mooring cover....all canvas for this boat needs help!

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