Re: [OMC-Boats] Guidance sought re: tubing and water skiing

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Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 01:55:39 -0500

Hi, John & Happy New Year to you too!

We've always attached to the transom tie-down hoops, either directly or with a traveling harness. The low attachment point is fine for skiing and knee boarding, but the line can occasionally get trapped in the wake while tubing and its just plain bad for wake boarding (difficult for an experienced wake boarder, almost impossible for someone new to it). I've always considered our Reveler 155 a great ski boat. It pops me immediately out of the water, has a wake big enough to be fun, yet small enough to still do some serious slaloming, and is limited only by its top speed (which is too slow for bare-footing). We've had 8 skiers up at once behind our Reveler and have the movies to prove it!

I've never tried it, but I think some of the folks on the list use the stern deck cleats which would probably be fine too, though still not really high enough for wake boarding (you really need a tower for that). Unless you're absolutely obsessive, I don't think you need a ski pylon, but then again, if you were obsessive, you'd have a Ski Supreme or one of the many other ski-specific boats. I'd be really hesitant to attach anything near the nameplate area, even with custom reinforcing. "Anything" can be done if you have enough time, determination and money, but you still need to consider if that's the best thing to do (obviously imho, its not).

On a side note, this month's issue of "SeaWorthy" has some great articles on why marine parts cost more, fasteners, and galvanic/stray current. For anyone interested, I think you can access it at the Boat US website (I still prefer and receive the paper copy though its not as easy to share).

'67 Reveler
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  Happy new year, everyone!

  I am preparing for our first season of tubing and water skiing and seeking guidance on the best way to secure tubing and ski ropes to the boat. Currently, the two lift hooks on the transom are the only areas to attach the ski or tube ropes to my '67 Surfer.

    a.. Is it sufficient for skiing and/or tubing to attach the rope to one of the lift hooks? I am hoping "yes", but worry about low positioning for skiing and potential sub-optimal positioning within the wake for both skiing and tubing.
    b.. Is the installation a ski pylon highly recommended? If so, any recommendations on how and where is best to secure?
    c.. Would a Ski tow ring attached to the "nameplate" (Surfer/Evinrude labeled area above the Sterndrive) area -albeit reinforced - provide enough height.......can it be reinforced in a secure enough manner in folks experience?
  Any guidance/experience/recommendations that anyone can provide to help inform this decision would be greatly appreciated.



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