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There's also the front and rear bearing seals.  That would be a heck of a leak though to lose that much.  I'm assuming when you reference "oil pan" you're including both the plug and the pan gasket/seal? 
I don't know what they are formerly called but you might pick up several of those white oil soak cloths....they're usually 18"x24" there abouts and used to soak up surface oil on water.  They work great in the bilge to soak up the mess.  West marine has them usually for about $1.00 a sheet and likely are available in other marine stores.  Lay them out under the engine and see if that helps track it down.
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Setting aside my carb fit issue,    today's to do list has one thing on it - figuring out how about 4 qts of oil ended up in my bilge during my last outing!     Everything seemed to be going well.   Had done a 20 min test earlier that day - no probs.     Took it out for a real run with the GF later that day.     At one point the oil light started coming on - turned off immediately and poked around back at the engine.   Oil all over the bilge area.    But nothing obvious.   A small drip from one spot on the valve cover gasket - but really small.     It looked like just enough on the dipstick to get back with so that's what we did later.

So now a week later the engine and bilge are all cleaned up  (2 hr messy job).     And Im heading off to buy 4-5 qts of oil and go for a little test run and see what I can see.       I don't get how that much oil could come out of the engine and it not be an obvious thing.     So hopefully with the cowling off I will be able to spot it.     Jeez - another close call - almost fried my engine.

So here's my question - just to see if I'm missing something.      The only places oil could be "leaking" out on the engine would be

- valve covers
- oil pan
- dipstick tube and / or fill tube where it connects to the block
- seal around base of distributor

right?  am i forgetting somewhere?

Note to self:   A black engine and a black bilge make it very difficult to spot oil leaks on a bright sunny day.   Hoping to  be able to paint my engine a lighter color this winter.

Jeff D
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