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Yeah, but it's really easy to remove the outdrive.  maily four bolts on the swivel caps and some odds and ends.  Easy as pie!
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Since I'm not much of a fisherman I don't run a kicker, but it's a nice thing to have in an emergency.  I currently don't have a bracket on mine, but might get the OMC version that has a gas strut.  I figure a kicker is at least something should you have a breakdown.  Maybe I'll run that folding 1950's Johnson motor I have...pretty cool!

As far as what your mechanic told you, I've gotten the same thing.  The old practice was to run Type C everywhere, but later on I believe OMC started running regular hi-vis in the upper, probably around 1978 when then went with mechanical shift.  Since I don't believe there is any difference between the actual mechanical function of the upper gear cases during their entire run of 1964-1985, I think you could do either with the upper case and be fine.  I put C everywhere in mine since I had a bunch of it, so I went "old-school".  He is right about the impeller though, you can do it without removing the whole unit, but it's so much easier to do fully removed.


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> Subject: [OMC-Boats] Kickers
> Any of you guys running kicker motors? Normally, I wouldn't consider
> drilling the hull of a 42 year old boat I'm trying to keep stock. But
> it appears my boat already had a kicker attached at one point so the
> holes are already there. Just curious if anyone else is running a
> kicker and what you're running.
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