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>> Speaking os possible performance loss, are there any easy bolt on's for the V8 Buick that will boost performance a bit? 4 barrel maybe?


Drill down and see the Buick 225 and 300/340 Casting numbers for Intake Manifolds and Cyl head casting numbers.

If you search eBay and craigslist long enough you might find an original 4-Barrel manifold for the 300/340.
225/231 V6 owners can use the Offenhauser manifold.

Even a 2-barrel 340 Buick in your boat would be a welcome torque adder due to the longer stroke.

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I hadn't even stopped to consider that foam board wouldn't work to dampen noise. Ok, so foam board it out. If I stumble upon something that would work better, maybe I'll try it. But it almost sounds like it's not worth the time. What about some carpet or something?

I guess I'm getting to the bottom of the barrel with tinkering on this thing so noise was my next tackle. So far I got my cooling issue worked out, and got my pisser working again. It was clogged, so not related to my cooling issue. But I guess it's kind of good. Had it not been clogged, I would have never suspected a cooling issue. Installed the clear lines, found and fixed my cooling issue. Now I have the tell tale to show me if I have any more issues. Let's see, what else have I done....

I installed a stereo and a couple of speakers. Had some nice speakers from a car audio system I used to have. Made an enclosure to hang the head unit below the glove box. Mounted speakers in the plywood kick panels under the dash on each side. Added a master kill switch to it so I can be sure it doesn't drain my battery during storage. Sounds great. Removed the extra brackets for things I'll never use like the goofy Loran thing and the old ship to shore. Cleaned up everything and made it shiny again. Oh and the glove compartment was bugging me. It was lined with what looks like old fashioned cork gasket paper. It was flaking and I couldn't put small items in there for fear of losing them among the cork dust. Plus, it was deep and dark. I hated it. I relined it with light gray indoor out door carpeting and just for giggles, I added a light. So now I have a nice soft, well lit glove box. Also replaced the v belt. So no more belt squeal. Yay.

Waiting for the convertible top to come back from the seamstress. The top has never been up but the zippers rotted off it, so they need replaced. I also have the side panels for it and the rear piece, they were in the previous owners attic, never removed from the original packaging.

Next on the list is trying to get the handrails looking good again.
They're dull and pitted. Metal polish won't do it. I'm going to attack them with some #000 steel wool and see what happens. Then while it's stored this winter, I plan to take out the table thing and tear it apart and rebuilt it with the original metal frame and some new wood inserts.

Speaking os possible performance loss, are there any easy bolt on's for the V8 Buick that will boost performance a bit? 4 barrel maybe?

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> My engine compartment came lined with a thin black foam that has
> mostly deteriorated over the years. It helps dampen some of the
> higher frequency noise (foam would need to be a lot thinker to
> attenuate low frequency noise), but the front of my hatch is vented to
> allow air in-flow. I took it off the top of the hatch after it
> started falling because I was afraid it might restrict airflow (at
> best) or small foam pieces might get sucked in (at worse). Foam board
> probably wouldn't help a lot as its too dense to absorb much, but auto
> matting (fiber hood or floor liner) or something similar would help a
> little. Just be careful not to restrict any airflow -- even though
> the engine is water-cooled, the battery, alternator, etc. still depend
> mostly on air-cooling. Hotter intake air will also cause you to lose power (though probably not enough to notice except maybe top end).
> Andy
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>> Has anyone added insulation to the inside of the doghouse and engine
>> cover? I'm thinking of adding some foam board to cut down on the
>> engine noise a bit. Just wondering if it would have adverse effects?
>> Would it cause the engine to overheat or anything?
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