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From: jd <jdood@...>
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 01:14:36 -0700

I can't fedex a new/rebuilt carb here. $100 shipping + $200 for carb
= too much just to test boat when noise may still be there anyway.
I have to bring my existing back to life again. Reminder, screw
fell off top flapper AFTER a wonderful smooth perfect 30 minutes test
run. And now with screw missing, the flapper is still flapping -
screw missing doesn't seem to affect that part. Here's a shot of
where little brass screw used to be (lower in photo). Note soldering
job at top where OTHER screw probably came out at some point and
someone tried to fix:

so now on to the important questions. This is how things were set
when everything was working great. Only issue was when returning to
dock, idle would sort of stick up around 1500 when in N. Which is
why I took off the spark arrestor and started fiddling with the choke
levers and idle screw stuff in the first place. Just to see how it
was supposed to work. Note idle screw stops/rests UNDER that cam
lobe. This is how it has been and has been working fine. The top
flapper can't really move when it's like this in an almost closed
position but it didn't seem to affect how the motor ran anyway:

With the flapper open, this is where the cam ends up:

    Impossible position to get to with screw resting under cam.
Although the manual seems to show this position as sort of the
"normal" position. So this means that when I was having those
successful runs, I guess the flapper was never really open, or
being used. And, unless I am missing something here, It doesn't
seem to matter. So my main question is can I just put the screw
back to where it was under that cam (as in 2nd photo) and call it good
til the end of the season? What does that flapper do anyway?
Should the engine run well with that flapper closed almost all the
way, or am I just imagining something that couldn't have possibly
happened? It seems like that whole flapper mechanism can be
disregarded and bypassed. Esp since it isn't smooth operating and
jams up anyway. Hope I can just bypass it. Sorry for the basic
questions, but I really don't understand carbs.

  I am ordering a new carb in a matter of days, but It's foolish to
rush the shipping. So by the time I get it the season will probably
be over. So this is all just to allow me a noise test, and if the
noise is gone, get me by for the next 2-3 weeks. Which this carb
WAS in fact doing before all this rattling noise stuff happened.

thanks! Jeff D

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